Work is Love

By Jacob Zimmerer | California

Jul 02


By: Jacob Zimmerer

After spending a week with Nancy and Ryan, I am always gifted with plenty of opportunities to come more into alignment with love. Getting to be a part of their travels and get a closer look at how they are succeeding in their quest to live a more joyful life is always inspiring. During my time with them this past week, plenty of old patterns and beliefs were addressed but I would like to share about one specific struggle I am currently working through…

During high school, I worked relatively hard to maintain perfect grades in my classes but the level of enjoyment I received out of my classes seemed to be inversely proportional to the amount of work I was given. Even though certain classes were interesting to me, I often found myself dreading them due to the work. My assignments were always complete but I rarely did any more than what was required. Now, when I look back on these classes, I see a lot of missed opportunities for growth and learning. This pattern has continued to play out in my life despite having awareness around this reoccurring issue. Currently, I am getting prepared for college, another great opportunity to learn and grow. I am also hoping to play a bigger role in Spirit Earth, a business with potential to be an outlet of many of my passions. Yet, I feel paralyzed by fear of failure, fear of not living up to expectations, and beliefs that I am not capable of achieving certain goals. So I am faced with a choice, I can either give into this resistance by going about college and my other pursuits the same way I have gone about things in the past, or I can work to overcome these blockages so that I am able to live a life I love.

Driving home from California two days ago, I began to take a deeper look at my beliefs about work. My girlfriend, Bekah, and I soon realized that many of my ideas about work were centered in paradigms not aligned with a life of joy. Much of our society still functions on the belief that work is separate from joy. That you must work so that you can enjoy life later. It seems that many people work because they feel they must, not because they genuinely love what they are doing. Because of this, work becomes about survival, the idea forms that if we don’t work harder and longer we won’t have enough to live. Work is no longer enjoyable in this illusion. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that as long as I continue to maintain these beliefs about work, then work will continue to be painful for me.

I am now in the process of developing an idea of what work looks like in a world driven by love. The first realization I came to is that work IS love. If you are being driven by passions of the heart then work is inherently the process of manifesting love in the world. What a beautiful gift to be able to work! Of course this does not mean that there are no challenges or struggles, it just means that what is being manifested is in alignment with the heart, thus the process becomes much more joyful.

With this new perspective, I hope to go into my college experience and remember that the reason I am there is love. Love for learning, love for growth, and love for all the things this experience will enable me to do.

Please share in the comments below what you think work looks like in a world driven by love!

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