God Wink Campsite

By Jen H | Joyful Encounters

Jun 12

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By: Nancy Nicholas & Ryan O’Toole

Part of the process of writing this book is finding examples in nature and through the people we meet about living from the heart. We made our way into California looking for some cooler forests after being in the desert. Transitions have been a bit challenging for me as I’m never sure exactly where we will end up (big metaphor there!). Ryan is much more comfortable in trusting the flow of life and so far he has been 100% right! This time, we ended up in Sequoia National Forest and one of the campgrounds. We pulled into a possible site and a man came over to say that it had been reserved, even though there was no posting. We moved on and were debating if we felt like staying, when another guy came over to us. He said that one of the sites they had reserved wasn’t going to be used and asked if we would like it. It was a beautiful site! Up against the river and quite large. He offered it to us for the half the cost too! We talked to his friendly children several times and he continued to be very kind and friendly the whole time we were there. We had a great stay there and felt very taken care of by his kindness and generosity!


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