Fellow Travelers

By Nancy Nicholas | Joyful Encounters

Aug 23

Ryan and I are both introverted, though I can be an outgoing introvert in certain circumstances. The Universe has a way of working around that though which was clearly evident with our most recent joyful life encounter. We were camping at Olympic National Park at the Staircase campground when a car pulled up and a young woman jumped out. She had a big smile on her face and explained that they had driven out to the area to camp after flying in from Kansas City only to find there weren’t any campground openings within 40 miles. As it was evening, she was wondering if we would be okay with she and her partner setting up their tent at our campsite. Normally, this would have been a nightmare for a couple of introverts, but she was so friendly and cheerful, we found ourselves agreeing. We ended up spending a joyful evening around the campfire, roasting s’mores and exchanging stories about our travels and experiences. Alex had recently returned from a trip to Hawaii where she had been participating in Work Aid (working for room and board). She was a college student getting a marketing/communications degree and was heading off in September to Switzerland to study German. Her partner, Andy, had recently moved to Pittsburgh to begin a in engineering. He had spent a summer in China and lived several other places around the US. As we shared a bit about our book writing project and our quest to see what happens when you follow your heart, they both shared some of their philosophies which were right in alignment with ours. Andy said as a scientist, he enjoys keeping things simple, so for him it is as simple as “Does this make me happy?” If it does, he does it. If not, he chooses something else. Alex talked about her experiences with the Law of Attraction and manifesting her needs. In Hawaii, hitchhiking is a much more accepted and safer practice. She said she got to the place that she would instantly manifest a ride once she set the intention and put her thumb up. She had lots of other stories that clearly showed she was in alignment with following her soul and experiencing a joyful life. They ended up staying for two nights with us and even helped with the cost of the campsite. We look forward to hearing about their adventures as they head off to their next experiences! Thanks Alex and Andy for the great conversations and connecting!

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