Energy Environments

By Nancy Nicholas & Ryan O'Toole | Washington

Aug 17

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By: Nancy Nicholas & Ryan O’Toole

We came back to Big Creek Campground in Hoodsport, WA last night. When you are traveling all the time and changing locations frequently, coming back to somewhere familiar is like coming home. It was such a pleasure to reconnect with the trees and plants in this beautiful part of the world! We had spent the night listening to a crying child at the last campground, so it was wonderful to be in a peaceful place. One of the things that became really apparent with this time near Olympic National Park is how different the energy can be in different areas. We stayed on the east side of the park (where we are now) for two weeks and spent about 10 days on the west side. While the west side was also incredibly beautiful – Rialto Beach and the Hoh Rainforest had great energy and were amazing – the energy at the campground and some of the surrounding forest felt less comfortable to us. It reminded us of the time we were in the Everglades. There was a sluggishness to the energy, a dampness that felt uncomfortable at times to be in. The west side has a bright, alive energy. Still very green, but so much lighter. So what does this mean for the quest for living a joyful life? It brought to our attention the importance of awareness. It wasn’t until the last day that we came to realize some of what was feeling uncomfortable to us was actually what was going on with the energy of the land there! It was a good reminder to pay attention to our outer environment and not just attribute everything to the inner!

Energy Envir

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