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Jun 07


By: Nancy Nicholas

I have been struggling with a low back issue off and on since undertaking this journey. In “Body Speaks Your Mind” it suggests low back pain has to do with support and fears of being able to take care of yourself financially and otherwise. This of course makes perfect sense with the things that have been going on in my life. This morning, I finally got what I needed to allow the back issue to clear up. I decided that the first thing I needed to do was to look at my life choices and where I am and decide if I respect my decisions. Certainly, giving up the safety of my marriage, home and regular life seems crazy to most people. I can see that a part of me feels it is crazy as well. Yet, what came to me was that while I don’t know if I will succeed with this quest to prove that following your heart and what love dictates over fear will work, I do respect the willingness to try and prove it. I have a deep conviction that the way to heal our world is to begin by healing our connection with our hearts. We have created amazing things and great beauty, but it seems many of us struggle to appreciate or enjoy what we have created. Why? Because our minds are constantly active and constantly focused on what ifs both of the past and future. Many of us have become disconnected from the earth and our deeper nature. We have lost the ability to be in the moment we are in and to stay present, connecting from our hearts. This is reflected in how we treat ourselves (look to the use of drugs, alcohol, sex in the media, obesity, and excesses of all kinds) and how we treat the earth that is the lifeblood we depend on to survive. How do we change our patterns so that we can create a more love-centered, joy-filled, harmonious world? I believe we have to come back to letting love (which in my world is the Divine) lead, and refuse to let fear continue to drive our choices. Will it work in this world to do this? Can we survive and thrive this way? I don’t know, but I am proud of myself for being willing to try and find out, even if I fail.

Try It

Today, look for small ways you can listen to your heart over fear. See what happens when you let go of the mind’s need to be in charge and just follow your instincts. Consider joining our quest as we travel around the medicine wheel over a course of a year to see what happens when we choose to live this way. While it isn’t necessary to make the changes at the level we have made them to participate, it is necessary to be willing to pay attention in your everyday life and start being conscious of what is driving your choices. One small step is all we can do each day, but maybe if enough of us choose to take that step, we can change the course and create a new way of being alive on the Earth.

Nature Inspiration

Here’s photos of Mt. Shasta to inspire you.  This place is said to be the first chakra of Mother Earth.

 20160603-MtShastaFinal1  20160603-MtShastaFinal2

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