Bison Month

By Nancy Nicholas | Bison Month

Oct 31

November is Bison Month at Spirit Earth!

One of our favorite experiences was interacting with the bison at Yellowstone National Park this year. As we spent time watching them, we realized how many gifts they offer us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We were so impressed by these amazing creatures and we are excited to learn more about them and share how they can help us all to live more joyful lives!

For November, we will be sharing some bison inspired wisdom, spiritual and practical tools for working with bison medicine, and weekly Earth Wisdom Circle Recordings to support you in connecting with these amazing creatures in the following areas:

November 1-7: Joyful Relationships

November 8-14: Vibrant Health

November 15-21: Experiencing Abundance

November 22-30: Living Your Life Purpose

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