Bison Medicine and Relationships

By Nancy Nicholas & Ryan O'Toole | Bison Month

Nov 02


Relationships – November 1st through 7th

When it comes to relationships, Bison Medicine offers many gifts. While we were in Yellowstone National Park, we loved watching how the herds interacted. There was such a sense of peace and calm in their interactions, even with all the chaos of the cars going by! How can we use this Medicine to empower our own relationships? By connecting to their calm confidence, we can create a safe space in ourselves. In a world that often bombards us with fear-inducing stimuli, creating an inner sanctuary of peace and safety is essential if we wish to lovingly connect with others. In doing this, we bring peace to our own inner child and are better able to soak in the joy of all of our relationships!

Try It

See if you can bring in Bison Medicine into your inner and outer relationships this week. What does it feel like if you stay calm and centered? Do you notice you experience more joy? How can you use the gifts of Bison Medicine to create a peaceful world within and without?

Enjoy the video above of a bison calf playing to bring in some bison joy into your life!


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