Bison Medicine and Abundance

By Nancy Nicholas | Bison Month

Nov 14

Abundance – November 15th through 21st

Message from the Spirit of the Bison:

How do we experience abundance in our lives?


I feel myself become the bison. I feel the power of my jaws and the crushing power of my teeth as I bite off a mouthful of the prairie grass. As I’m chewing the grass, I can taste its sweetness. I feel a rush of energy as the plant essence is absorbed into my being. I feel the warm sun on my back and the gentle breeze. I feel the peaceful presence of the rest of the herd near by. I feel deeply content.


Are we noticing the abundance we already have or are we caught in the places we feel a lack? The message here suggests that the way to attract more abundance is to be fully present and aware of the abundance we are experiencing right now. There is a deep pleasure and contentment in this image that invites us to let go of our preoccupation with what we perceive is missing and focus on what is here. My understanding of metaphysical concepts is that when we align ourselves with the open flow of energy, we are in a state of love, and that attracts to us what we seek.

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