Aligning Light – Crystal Starrweaver

By Jen H | Joyful Encounters

Jun 07

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By: Nancy Nicholas & Ryan O’Toole

One of the aspects of our quest is to meet people who are embodying the concepts of living from the heart. We met such a person when we were guided to a crystal store in Sedona. We were looking at the crystals when the owner, Crystal Starrweaver, asked where we were from. We soon were in a conversation about her hopes to create a school with scholarships that would allow everyone to afford spiritual learning and healing sessions. We shared about our quest and Spirit Earth and soon she was drawing us maps to several of her favorite sacred places in the area. She even invited us to attend a class she was teaching for free the next day. Though we weren’t able to attend the class, we are excited to reconnect with her again soon. She shared from her heart and brought joy to our day through her openness and kindness.

To learn more about Crystal’s store and work, you can visit her website by clicking here.

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