Accepting What Is

By Nancy Nicholas | Ohio

Nov 10


Our quest has led us out of the woods, into the regular world again. We felt called to leave Montana in the middle of October and spent a few days with Ryan’s family in Colorado and then headed to Minnesota for a week with some dear friends. We stopped in Illinois for a quick visit with my aunt and uncle and have been in Ohio for the last few weeks. The return to civilization has brought a lot more ease in some ways, and we loved spending time with our loved ones, but what we also came to realize is that ease isn’t always easy! We discovered that it becomes quite simple to fall back into the escapism methods we were using before our adventures of living away from television and easy wifi access. Daily showers feel normal again instead of an unnecessary waste of time and resources. We’ve grown used to a refrigerator full of food and cooking with the flick of a switch. Our sleep habits have shifted back into staying up after the sun and sleeping beyond it rising. All of which is fairly typical of how most people live and yet the shift has brought us to some stark realities.

Ryan is fond of reminding me that our bodies are meant to be tough and resilient and our minds to be comfortable, instead of the other way around. I like to protest sometimes (especially when tough and resilient involves me being cold!), but I know he is right. With the option of television and movie distractions, we have been pulled back into the drama and diversion they offer. While our minds are active, our bodies have been decidedly more sedentary. As we have slipped back into spending more times indoors instead of out in nature, we have been more tired and sore. Understandably, there has been a part of me screaming that we need to leave right now and head back to the woods! Yet, we have learned through this quest, that one of the keys to letting the heart lead is to accept where it takes you. Sometimes it seems like it is going the wrong way and there is a the temptation to fall back into letting fear lead. After all, how can this be where we belong if it is taking us away from the awareness and connection that brings us joy? What we have found, though, is that the heart is never wrong. It has led us to the exact circumstances we need, even if they seem to be pulling us off our path. Being back in the familiar way of living has quickly brought to the surface old habits and patterns that weren’t fully released. It has shown us how much we love simplicity and value having our energy contained when we travel like a turtle with his home on his back. It has motivated us to come back to the dedication to living with a lighter carbon footprint and to valuing movement and deep connection, over constant thinking. It has shown us that living a joyful life means choosing consciously what to feed our minds, as what we focus on effects our whole life. It has also reminded us the importance of gratitude. There are so many gifts everywhere we have been. Coming back to loving the gifts of each situation, instead of missing what is absent is also key. We aren’t back to the woods yet, as we still have a couple months ahead of being in a house instead of our tent, but we feel more clear on what we need to do to come back into alignment with how we want to live, both internally and externally. We invite you to join us as we continue to find what it takes to stay centered in love and follow our joy.

Try It

This week, try asking yourself “Is this feeding my love or fear?” If it is feeding your fear, how could you feed your love instead? Even if you aren’t always able to answer the question, the focus will help you begin to shift your perspective to one of love.


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