Our Quest

What would it be like if we lived in a world where everyone made choices that come from love? That means that every time we decided to do something we would check to see how it felt. Did our body feel open to it? Did our spirits lift at the choice? Then instead of going to our minds to see if it was logical or not, we just did what we were guided to do. Would we be able to survive and even thrive with this philosophy? What would happen if one actually chose to live that way?

In 2016, the Spirit Earth Team set out on a quest to answer these questions and to share what we learned along the way. Leaving our homes and most of our possessions behind, we headed out west to live in nature and discover what it had to teach us about living in harmony with our hearts. You can read about our experiences, what we learned, and ways to implement the strategies we discovered in your own life on our blog.

The Birth of the Spirit Earth Community

One of the things we learned on the first leg of our quest is that abiding in a state of love is easier said than done! Despite having abundant blessings and being in some of the most beautiful wild places of the country, we still struggled to stay out of fear. We learned that focusing on gratitude helped enormously, as did connecting with others who were dedicated to living from the heart. In 2017, we decided to bring these concepts together and begin building a tribe by spreading our love and gratitude for the places and people who have inspired and empowered us. We also invited those who were following our journey to share from their experiences as well. You can explore the connections here.

The Spirit Earth Team

Nancy Nicholas, Ryan O'Toole and Jacob Zimmerer came up with the concept of Spirit Earth after a life-changing spiritual retreat in Hocking Hills, Ohio led by Dr. Jaap Van Etten. The experience of being immersed in a heart-connected way of being, interacting with others on a spiritual path, and connecting more deeply to Mother Earth was so joyful it sparked their quest to learn how to live that way all the time. This led to the birth of Spirit Earth LLC and their commitment to the belief that following the heart is the way to live a joyful life.

 Nancy Nicholas is an intuitive life coach and shamanic practitioner who offers spiritual mentoring, empowerment readings, workshops/classes and energy healing to those seeking to live a heart-centered life. You can learn more about her work here: Crossroads Coaching

Ryan O'Toole is a shamanic practitioner, Reiki practitioner and intuitive life coach. He is currently training to deepen his connection with nature through expanding his primitive living skills.

 Jacob Zimmerer is a Chios Energy Practitioner and Intuitive Life Coach. He is currently attending Montana State University and working on an eco-psychology degree.

Build Your Village

Our dream is to create a connecting place where there are many "villages" to explore, filled with wonderful places and people who are on the quest to create a heart-centered world. We would love to have you share about those places and people who inspire and empower you! We invite you to join our Spirit Earth community email list (see below - it is free!) and then send us your gratitude quotes from your own experiences. As we all share about those places and people who are in our tribe, we create villages all over the world that we can find safe, nurturing communities to connect with.

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