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By Nancy Nicholas | Joyful Encounters

Aug 03


By: Nancy Nicholas

One of the challenges of driving across country in a 2008 Dodge Caliber with over 100,000 miles is the potential for car repairs. Our brakes started squeaking while we were in California but it wasn’t until we got to Hoodsport, Oregon that a time opened up to have them looked at. I did a search of the area and a small local place called Hoodsport Mechanical came up that was only a mile away. I called and the owner was super friendly and helpful. We arranged for the car to be brought to the shop the next morning. When I got there, he asked some questions and took a look at the tires. He invited his colleague to go for a ride in the car to see what he heard when testing the brakes. Not only did he take a good amount of time testing the brakes in different circumstances, but he also shared some helpful tips about future potential vehicles while also assuring me that the Dodge Caliber was actually a great car and set up in a way that made it easy to repair. From his assessment, he determined that we didn’t need the brakes sounded fine. He didn’t even charge us! It was a great example of a couple of guys doing work they loved and were clearly good at and having a generous and kind heart. If you are ever near Seattle, Washington and need car repair, we highly recommend them!


Found this photo on Yelp, so thanks to whoever took it!

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